Company information

Organic Health Events is a female black-owned company, based in Johannesburg trading as SA Organic Lifestyle. The company came about in 2015 as a quest to raise awareness about the benefits of a more holistic approach to life and health. The founder of Organic Lifestyle, Mrs. Trice Mazwi has a Degree in Metaphysical Science ( Metaphysical Science) and is currently completing her Master’s Degree.

Trice struggled to find organic solutions for her children’s health and decided to raise awareness about the benefit of Organic lifestyle. She has since then took it apon her self to inspire the production and growth of this sector by hosting events, workshops, seminars and spreading the word through social media , radio, news papers, magazines and more… Ms Mazwi has newly launched an on-line channel called Organic Lifestyle TV to continue her work of spreading the word about a holistic view of life and health.

The first Organic Lifestyle Fair in South Africa which saw 5000 people attend the event hosted at Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens. One event hardly transforms the lifestyle of 50 Million South Africans. Trice Mazwi entered Mrs. South Africa 2016 and made it all the way to top 25 in the country, where she reached millions of people through media platforms in the country. Trice received tremendous support in doing this very important and needed work . She felt amazing work had been achieved by all the green people, who were contributing to the awareness about the planet health, biodiversity, and ecosystems; however still did not reach her objective of transforming lives of people she cared about. She then decided that her experiences of life, international traveling, studies, research and Mrs. South Africa was, in fact, a gift to the country. Trice then decided to launch a national competition called the SATransformer. The SATransformer is a community upliftment project aimed at regenerating organic, holistic and sustainable living so that it is available to all even beyond borders and continents, while empowering young people and their economic status. Transformation begins with awareness then followed by action.

Ms Mazwi shares the secrets of Metaphysical science with young people in her SATransformer awareness campaign  all over the country. Her coaches such as Tony Robbins , Deepark Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Napoleon Hill, Wayne Dyer just to mention a few; inspire her drive to spread  wealth strategies using the laws of the universe. One can not be wealthy when they are disconnected with the source of all things. Trice has observed all the wealthy that we know are living from within and that their well of wealth is one that does not dry up e.g Trevor Noah, Beyonce, Steve Jobs and Richard Brenson just to name a few. These are people who are living from their innate intelligence. Trice Mazwi  offers coaching to empower ,inspire and transform the minds of her target market, by sawing a seed of internal explosion. All things come from innate intelligence. It is time to act, the world is going holistic.

Be part of a global change by being the change you want to see in the world.


Mission Statement

Organic Lifestyle seeks to promote and raise awareness about the benefits of living organically, naturally and holistically. We strive to set an example of a clean and ethical lifestyle, by producing content through interviews with leaders in the organic sector on SA Organiclifestyle media platforms. Our aim is to  facilitate lifestyle changes that are for the improvement of health for all living structures and the planet.

Company growth

Over the past two and a half years Organic Health Events has promoted organic lifestyle in different platforms with the objective to share information about the benefits and products in the industry. This has been done by means of  radio, newspapers, television, magazines, social media, a website, workshops and the Organic Lifestyle Fair in 9 regions of South Africa. This is invaluable information to a world living in a chemical genocide. Trice Mazwi has traveled to other parts of the world to do research about the growth of organic lifestyle on a global scale and seeks to empower South Africans with all the latest findings about living an organic lifestyle. The founder is forever grateful for being able to make such a significant impact, turning her family tragedy into a national gift. The above channels will continue to be used to spread the word while providing solutions and empowering thousands of other companies in the organic, natural and holistic health sector. Organic Health Events has recently launched a YouTube TV channel to ensure that the above objective is realized and the health of the people in the planet is improved.


  • Home Transformation tips
  • Starting a home garden
  • Holistic view of life workshops
  • Organic health workshops
  • Online organic support structure workshops
  • Holistic living motivational speaker
  • Community transformation strategy
  • Green Economy strategy
  • Global warming solutions for society
  • Metaphysical science personal coaching.

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