Organic Lifestyle is a solution for global warming


Green Economy Solutions

An old way of doing things, recreating old sustainable and innovative environmentally friendly solutions. Finding ways of reinventing alternative solutions. Cutting down on the production of things that create pollution of the air , soil, water, animals, plants, ocean biodiversity elimination, human health, climate health and planet health


Energy: Renewable, wind, sun, water, trash, biofuel.

Habitat: Collective living arrangements, to reduce production of furniture, appliances and cutlery, crockery and other house hold necessities, eco friendly building solutions.

Transport: Public collective trams, trains and busses, pollution tax, carbon tax and transformation faze tax.

Agriculture: Organic, permaculture, individual home gardens, rehab of farm lands with forestry, plant a tree on your birth day culture.

Health: Integrative, Holistic, Energetic, Emotional, Metaphysical, Indigenous, Herbology, Light therapy, light therapy, holistic solution driven practises.

Economic: Biodegradable packaging, Hand made products, recycled material, Environmentally friendly, Fair trade, Less carbarn foot print, Less pollution and production, Innate intelligence as human equity, reinventing current solutions to ecofriendly solution and legislation activation.

Love: Finding our Identity as energy that is in all living beings. Creating for the sustainability of the whole, Using money to help others and leaving a positive legacy for the 7th generation. Understanding the 7 laws that govern life on planet earth. finding and understanding life purpose.

Education: Innate intelligence enhancement, 10,000 hours of excellence, Self actualisation and empowerment. Individual gifts and talent celebration, getting out of the hand to mouth 8hour trap jobs.

Textiles: bio friendly fertilisers, biodiversity preserving pesticides, water conservation and ocean natural alkaline goals, skin and health friendly manufacturing, natural textiles, silk, wool, cotton, linen, recycled leathers, furthers, fur from the cycle if life.

Retail: Organic and natural preservation principals, Zero packaging on fresh produce, Weight serving on dry produce, glass traditional preservation methods for seasonal fruit and veggies, Daily farm delivery of animal produce to the shops. Ordering systems to avoid left overs and food poisoning. Natural sell by dates on all edible produce. Chemical, plastic and carbon foot print tax for green and global warming repair projects.

Lifestyle: Collective eating places, half  size food portions food recycling for composting, organic gardens for all restaurants, Zero packaging principle or biodegradable options. Farmers markets supporting locally produced and small scale made with love chocolates, cakes, ice-creams and other treats, community live band, local talent and social integration Friday, Saturday and Sunday to strengthen the mind set of I am my brothers keeper mind set.

Social: Spirituality, Origen of life , Self acceptance, Self understanding,  Human potential , Metaphysics, Numerology, Astrology, Life purpose, Life lessons, Soul  contract.

Daily Actions

To live an Organic Lifestyle, one has to be aware of their daily actions. Awareness of self first as an energetic being. Energy is in all living beings. Realize that thoughts create reality. Manage negative thoughts and appreciate the lesson and gift of life. Have gratitude for the elements in the ecosystem that make it possible for human beings to exist.

Take care of the soil that gives us food and medicine. Preserve the trees that give us food and oxygen. Protection of the insects that are pollinators of the green kingdom. Guard the atmosphere that balances the health of All living beings, by creating solutions that don’t pollute the air or disturb the flow of natural gas exchange. We can cut the use of chemicals in our homes. Use one cleaning product instead of ten. keep the water pure as it is life to a human body and all living beings on the planet. Remove packaging made of plastic and metal, use only biodegradable or recyclable material. We need to remove toxicity in the human bodies, body products, home care products, food and the soil . Plant and farm using organic principles that seek to preserve life holistically. Practice fair trade and incorporate the broken, ill, disabled, disadvantaged and uneducated into our economic systems. Love and awareness are the instruments of Organic Lifestyle. Our health and the planet’s health depends on it.

Our healing system should have the best interest of the person and cause no harm or poisoning. A new green economy must emerge when we reinvent ourselves and live from well within. Take a holistic approach to life and create from love, jobs that have little to no impact on the planet.

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