SA Transformer Disclaimer

The competition is open to all adults of South Africa from the ages of 18 to 65

The competition is open to all people living in the nine provinces of South Africa.

The organizers of the competition reserve the right make any changes to the competition.

The judges decision is final

The Administration fee is none refundable

All competition candidates will follow and action all tasks

All SA Transformer tasks are compulsory

The duration of the competition is ten months

None of the terms or challenges of the competition are subject to discussion.

All information about the SA Transformer competition is to be used exclusively for this competition.

The model of the competition, duration tasks and challenges are not subject to change or discussion.

All SA Transformer candidates enter at their own discretion and are liable for all their actions during the competition.

All legal lawsuits will be paid for by the accuser.

The organizers of the competition will not be held liable to any promises, all activities are subject to change and flexibility

SA Transformer candidates will act only in the best interest of the competition

Personal ideas and queries will be sent by email to the email below

SA Transformer candidates will

communicate only by the email provided to the organizers

Organizers of the competition will communicate by email, Website and social media

Each candidate is responsible of ensuring that they are informed about activities of the competition

Clarity, understanding and participation are the responsibility of the competition candidate

All participants must and should enter to further their growth, exposure, brand awareness and uplift the community each month

Posting photos, 1min videos of all activities, sponsors and community upliftment projects done during the competition are compulsory for the practicality of the competition

The more upliftment work showcased by the candidate on social media, the more awareness created, about the competition, candidates skills, community work ,sponsors , CSI partners and the principals of living harmoniously with nature

Candidates communicating negatively about the organization will be disqualified immediately

Possible queries should be sent directly and only to the email provided

A spirit of kindness, respect and comradism is the only acceptable code of conduct

Candidates will enter the competition with the intention to uplift the life’s of others only

The well being of the people of South Africa and the organization is first priority

Each candidate is responsible for their own level of exposure

The competition organizers have the right to disqualify any candidates causing discord and negativity in the competition

Gossip about any rules or stages of the competition will result in disqualification

The focus of the competition will only be about the empowerment of the individual, community, country, sponsors and all parties who have contributed to the project

Posting on Facebook is compulsory

Tagging sponsors and CSI partners is compulsory

All the information acquired by the competitors during the competition will be used as the property of the organization Body.

Permission to post individuals details, photos and videos on Facebook is the responsibility of the Transformer alone

The organization will not take any responsibility for personal or any information posted without consent by the candidates

Fighting amongst candidates will result in immediate disqualification

All other principals of love, mutual respect, patriotism and protection of the organization and comradism will be the only spirit guiding the conduct of all participants.

The organizers will post challenges for each phase first week of each months

All misunderstanding and questions must be sent in writing to the email address provided

All candidates are prohibited from all Communications, contact, emails, posting, comments or criticism of the Founder of the organization, Trice Mazwi and her next of keen. Failure to comply will result in Legal action

The founder only has best intentions to the improvement of Awareness, Healing , Living and Well-being of South Africans

The competition is the founders own mission to uplift the lives of others in her own way.

Each candidate is encouraged to do the same for others their own way, within the guidelines provided by the competition rules and challenges

The organizations first mission is to promote organic Lifestyle in South Africa, different models will be used at the discretion of the organization.

The mission of the organization is to form sustainable structures, sustaining the well-being of life systems within the competition perimeters

All rights are reserved and subject to no scrutiny or accusations. All disputes to be handled with no harm intended.


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